If you are looking for the perfect read-aloud, Finding a Friend is it! My children fell in love with the story of Deep Blue and were giggling and loving this book from start to finish. As a teacher, I can use this book for a variety of subjects.
Emily Yerty
1st grade teacher and homeschooling mom
Traci Swain gently encourages the reader to be confident and to discover the power of listening. Using humorous dialogue, the characters challenge each other’s preconceived assumptions, while fun facts about sharks, starfish, and penguins enrich the story and teach young readers about sea life. Cheerful illustrations enliven this delightful narrative.
Lucille Colandro
Traci Swain has crafted a wonderful story about the power of not giving up, believing in yourself, and being kind. Through humor and whimsy, Traci shows young readers that everyone has something that makes them special, and that giving others the chance to show it is the best way to make—and keep—friends! Kadysha’s vibrant illustrations will keep readers swimming through the pages.
Andrea Davis Pinkney
Animal lovers will enjoy the facts in this whimsical tale about an inseparable duo.
Kirkus Reviews

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